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    Most Frequent Questions & Answers

    No, We don’t buy or re-sell furniture. We only provide custom building, refinishing & upholstery services. We also simply don’t have the space to take unwanted pieces in for free.

    Usually we are not, we operate by appointment only. Feel free to get an online quote from us or call to ask our availability. We take on a lot of projects and our waitlist is growing fast. First come first serve.

    We typically do not provide that service. We can make exceptions depending on the job specifically. submit a quote to see if it’s something we can help you with.

    Please submit an online quote first and we can tell you if an in person inspection is required to properly estimate your project. From there we can set up an appointment for you to bring your furniture in.

    We work with insurance companies regularly. Please submit for a quote to see if we accept your insurance!